Are You Eligible For A Green Card?

green card eligibilityThe following nations can participate in the 2019 DV Lottery. When you qualify for a Inexperienced Card, 2020 is the year you possibly can enter into the United States. To change into eligible for Green Cards, undocumented immigrants must first turn out to be Registered Provisional Immigrants and reside in the country for ten long years.

To apply for an i nvestment-based mostly Green Card , you should invest a minimum of $500,000 in an economically backward sector of the US financial system. There are numerous doable paths an immigrant can take to qualify for a Inexperienced Card. In case you are selected by the random lottery drawing, you possibly can move forward in applying for an immigrant visa (Inexperienced Card).

When the Priority Date turns into present, a person can submit their application for a Inexperienced Card. Acquiring a Inexperienced Card is the one path an individual can take in the event that they desire to develop into a full U.S. citizen at some point. If you are engaged to be married to a US citizen, chances are you’ll apply for a Okay-1 fiancé visa and later alter status to get a Green Card.

Relatives of Inexperienced Card holders can be sponsored if they are a partner, unmarried kids or step children below 21, an adopted baby below 18 or an single son or daughter over 21. You have the ability to sponsor family members so they can get their very own Inexperienced Card.